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  • Roppongi Icchome Seiyu Gakuen
    “Roppongi Icchome” is a hot area, where the famous TV station and a large recording company are located. “Roppongi Icchome Seiyu Gakuen” (commonly known as: RIVA) is a new project created to grow future handsome voice artists from here.
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  • A popular Taiwanese actor, “Jerry Yan”
    Official fan club & official mobile site
    Officla Japan website & official mobile site for “Jerry Yan”, who played the role of “Tsukasa Domyoji” in the Taiwanese version of “Ryusei hanazono (Meteor Garden) ~ Hana Yori Dango ~” In addition to the latest information, direct message videos from Jerry Yan will be offered here. Please look forward to things like fan meetings and pre-sale show tickets!!!
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  • BS Fuji TV “Japacon☆Wonderland”
    “Japacon-joshi” crowd-funding
    Applications to the crowd-funding project originated on a BS show, “Japacon☆Wonderland”, are now accepted.  The show characters, Memoru Anekohji (cv: Miyu Kubota), Jessica Yastumonji (cv: Ruriko Aoki), and Mamire Konayuki (cv:Misako Tomioka) have formed an idol unit, “Japacon-joshi”. They will take on the crowd funding challenge to save the show!
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  • BS Fuji TV “Japacon☆Wonderland”
    niconico official channel
    The “Japacon-joshi game club” consisting of 3 popular voice actors (Ruriko Aoki, Miyu Kubota <i☆Ris>, and Misako Tomioka) from a BS Fuji show, “Japacon☆Wonderland”, will try doing the live commentary on a game show!
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  • BS Fuji TV “Japacon☆Wonderland”
    5-year anniversary commemorative event, “Japacon 5-year anniversary, Tsudoe!! Gachi-zei”
    BS Fuji TV “Japacon☆Wonderland” is celebrating a 5-year anniversary this year. “Tsudoe! Gachi-zei”, an event commemorating this 5-year anniversary, was held in Ebisu “The Garden Room”. In addition to the talk by show’s regular voice actors, there will be celebrative performances by Anime theme-song singers!! Perhaps there will be a new announcement!? Please come!
    [Date]   Saturday, Apr. 16th
    [Venue]   Ebisu “The Garden Room”
    [Performers]   Takeshi Washizaki / Yamadan / Ruriko Aoki / Miyu Kubota(i☆Ris) / Misako Tomioka / Konomi Suzuki / Luna Haruna / Mashiro Ayano
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